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Design a simple professional logo

In this tutorial you will learn to design a simple professional logo, fast and easy. So, let’s get to work!

What tools do I need to make a logo?

To design a logo, you will need an image editor software. You can use simple editors like Paint or professional software like Photoshop or you can try a free but powerful image editor called GIMP.

Our tutorial will use the GIMP software so you will have to download the program and install it on your system. You can use the link above. It is a very simple process and we are sure that you can handle this task all by yourself.

Let’s get started

First of all, open Gimp. You will see a window like this:


Now we will need to create a new image. Go to “File” – “New” and a new window will pop up. Insert the logo dimensions (height and width) and click on “Advanced Options” to get access to more parameters. We’ll need a transparent logo so, click on “Background Color” and select “Transparency”. This way we can save it as a transparent .png file.


Set Width at 200px and Height at 200px and hit Enter. Our canvas is now ready.

The logo will represent a cube seen from a side. Let’s put some visual guides: go to “Image” – “Guides” – “New guide by percent” and set a vertical and a horizontal guide by 50%.


Set front color and background color (the two squares on the left under the tools). Choose the desired colors and add a new layer.

Use “Free select tool” (the lasso icon on the left) and draw a trapeze by placing points. Make sure the contour is closed. After you get a closed contour with dotted line go to “Edit” – “Fill with FG color”.


Duplicate this layer and transform the new layer flipping it 90 degrees horizontally. Fill the new layer with the background color (click “Edit” – “Fill with BG color”).


This is almost over. Use “text tool” to place text over the cube and this is it. If you want you can cut the letters just to make the cube transparent. logo

Modify the picture canvas, put some width to it and center it, so we can add the rest of the text. Crop it and the end result is:

Watch the video below for a more detailed tutorial:

We hope you liked this tutorial called Design a Simple Professional Logo. In the next DIY tutorial, you will learn, how to animate this logo, with the power of html5.

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