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Professional IQ test for kids

This professional IQ test for kids is an absolutely free test, designed to measure your child’s IQ (9 to 16 years old). The IQ test contains 60 questions with only one correct answer.

At the beginning of the test, the children will complete their name and age.

BEWARE! Fill in the REAL AGE (years old), because the IQ test algorithm applies the IQ corrections taking into account the mentioned parameter.

The duration of the test must be a maximum of 45 minutes. The child must be rested and patient. He must try to complete as many questions as possible correctly, for a more accurate result.

After completing the test, the score obtained will be displayed. It will show the value of the IQ as well as its significance (Profound mental disability, Severe mental disability, Moderate mental disability, Mild mental disability, Borderline mental disability, Average intelligence, Above average or bright, Moderately gifted, Highly gifted, Exceptionally gifted and Profoundly gifted) and the place obtained in the ranking of those who took this test (in percentages).

If the determination of the IQ normally costs money at a specialized office, on our website, this test is completely free.

For a more accurate assessment and a complete picture of the IQ, we recommend that you do not cheat. The IQ obtained fraudulently will not represent the true IQ.

You can have in front of the laptop, a sheet of paper and a pencil to make calculations, sketches, etc.

Read each question carefully. Skip questions that stump you. You can come back later just by pressing Previous button. Do not go back over every question. Reread only the ones that you were unsure of. Do not second-guess yourself. Change an answer only if you are absolutely sure your first answer was wrong. The odds are in your favor that your first answer was right. Make sure you have answered all the questions.

After all being said GOOD LUCK with our Professional IQ test for kids!

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