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DIY Bench With Back

This DIY Bench With Back article will guide you into the world of woodworking. This is a simple wooden bench project that anyone can follow. The result is outstanding, good-looking, cheap, durable, and especially comfortable.

DIY Bench With Back

First of all, you’ll have to get the wood. You’ll start by cutting 700(L) x 120(l) x 50(h) mm parallelepiped shapes – 10 pieces. You can use other dimensions but we recommend to keep the 700(L) dimension.

Use sandpaper and make them smooth. You can use some paint as well.

The next step is to cut some 120(L)x120(l)x50(h) mm squares – 4 pieces and some 720(L)x100(l)x30(h) mm – 4 pieces. Use also sandpaper and make them smooth. You can use some paint as well. Place all the pieces just like in the picture bellow.

Fix all the pieces with screws and the bench sides are almost ready. The screws dimensions we used are 5x70mm.

Cut some 400(L)x40(l)x40(h) mm parallelepipeds – 4 pieces. Make a comfortable bench angle of 105 degrees just like bellow.

Fix them with screws and cut some 2000(L)x200(l)x28(h) mm – 4 pieces. Use sandpaper and paint. You can use shorter boards if you have less space in your garden.

Fix them with screws and it’s almost done.

Use paint on the hole bench once more just to cover all the imperfections.

Buy some outdoor cushions and you are done. We used 10 cushions 40cmx40cm.

We hope you liked this DIY Bench With Back article. If you decide to build it and have questions for us, don’t hesitate to place a comment.

DIY Bench With Back

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