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Fast and precise IQ test for adults

IQ test fast precise
IQ test fast precise

This is an IQ test pretty fast and precise, especially designed for adults. Do you have the courage to take the test and find out what is your score?

What is IQ?

Intelligence quotient (IQ) is an age-related measure of intelligence and is defined as 100 times the mental age.
The word ‘quotient’ means the result of dividing one quantity by another, and intelligence can be defined as mental ability or quickness of mind.

What is an IQ Test?

An intelligence test (IQ test) is, by definition, any test that purports to measure intelligence. Generally such tests consist of a graded series of tasks, each of which has been standardized using a large, representative population of individuals. This procedure establishes the average IQ as 100. It is generally believed that a person’s IQ rating is hereditary and that the rate of development of a person’s mental age remains constant until about the age of 13 years, after which it slows up. Beyond the age of 18 little or no improvement is found.

Our fast and precise IQ test for adults

The IQ test is fast and precise and is designed only for adults. It contains 20 questions and only one answer is true. Write your name on the beginning of the test and select your true age. The IQ test algorithm contains age corrections that can modify your score.

Read each question carefully. Skip questions that stump you. You can come back later just by pressing Previous button. Do not go back over every question. Reread only the ones that you were unsure of. Do not second-guess yourself. Change an answer only if you are absolutely sure your first answer was wrong. The odds are in your favor that your first answer was right. Make sure you have answered all the questions.

After you complete the IQ test, a score will be assigned and you’ll get a label, based on your performance.

After all being said GOOD LUCK!!!

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